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Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are our specialty. We offer a wide variety of loans to cover almost any type of commercial funding that your company may need, from working capital to real estate purchases to equity investment. Our loans come with low rates and fast approval. We work with each client to customize their funding package to make sure that your financing matches the unique needs of your business.

Small Business Loans

Regency Trust Funding (RTF) help business owners and entrepreneurs who need short-term capital find the right Small Business Loan product. Most small Business loans range from $2,000 to $20,000,000 depending upon your needs. Whether your business is expanding or simply needs to replenish inventory, the RTF platform works to find a customized program to help you accomplish your strategic goals – even if you have been unable to qualify for traditional business loans. We save you time, energy, money and even get you the best rate for your Small business loan.

Hard Money Loans

Regency Trust Funding help commercial property owners pull equity from their investment. Hard money loans are often used by commercial real estate property owners to quickly acquire the capital needed to purchase, refinance or renovate a property. Our long list of international private investors are willing to provide you with Hard money loans with reasonable interest rates and up to 5 years repayment duration.

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Regency Trust Funding is an internationally recognized leader in the financing industry for providing the best business lending solutions available to small and mid-sized businesses. We leverage our network of 4,000 competing commercial lenders and to provide your business the largest selection of commercial financing options. Our large network of competing lenders are capable of offering the lowest rates available for just about any type of business loan.

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