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The web site known as (RTF) is offered for "free" to our borrowers, mortgage brokers, and other users.

This is a terrific deal because we provide you with a searchable databank of 750 commercial mortgage lenders, a databank that costs many thousands of dollars per month to maintain.

RTF is paid a software licensing fee of between 37.5 and 50 basis points by the lenders participating in the system, if a deal closes. Some lenders may increase their rate or fee slightly to cover the cost of receiving loan applications using our software, so arguably use of the RTF System is not completely free.

On the other hand, lenders have to market for deals somewhere. We are no different than a magazine ad with a business reply card, other than the fact that the lender doesn't have to pay any fee unless he closes a deal. In any case, RTF does not charge you any up-front fee to enjoy access to the lender information in the databank. Any software licensing fees are totally the responsibility of the lender. You should use RTF to shop for loans and compare the loan offers from our lenders to loan offers that you find on your own. If the offer from a RTF lender is cheaper, you should take it.

The reason we are so freaky-deaky about this agency thingee is because we will never be there to advise you. For example, let’s suppose you close a loan, using a commercial lender that you find on RTF, to buy an industrial property. Now let’s suppose that the industrial property that you buy turns out to be a toxic waste dump, and the EPA orders you to spend $2 million to clean up the property. Yikes. We were never there to warn you, “Hey dummy, make sure that you get a Level I or Level II toxic report before you buy this property!” And the toxic contamination issue is just one of dozens of important issues that need to be addressed and advised upon by a warm, intelligent, and highly-trained commercial real estate agent. We aren’t that warm body! Remember,RTF is just a brokerage company. In most cases, no one from C-Loans, Inc. will ever even look at your deal.

By using our website you agree to several other things. First of all, you agree to be contacted by phone, fax, and email by our lenders . This goes without saying. Occasionally we will look at a deal and say, "Hey, this deal should have been submitted to ABC Bank rather than XYZ Capital." In such cases, on our own motion, we may forward your loan to ABC Bank and probably several other RTF lenders. You hereby agree to allow us to do this. In addition, you hereby authorize us to sell your lead to up to six commercial mortgage brokers, who you hereby authorize to contact you by phone, fax, and email.

You also agree to be contacted every few months by RTF by phone, fax or email (we usually just do this by email) so that we can check up on the progress of your loan. RTF has an important business interest in seeing if your deal ever closed because unfortunately our lenders sometimes cheat us. If being contacted occasionally by email will drive you to distraction, simply do not use the RTF System.

You also agree to be solicited by RTF, Inc. and her related / affiliated companies regularly by phone, fax, and email regarding doing future business together. Mortgage brokers can expect to be solicited regularly by fax and email. Right now we seldom contact borrowers, realtors, developers, or other users, other than to check on the status of their loan; however, we specifically reserve the right to do so. Also, the user hereby agrees to allow lender to discuss the status of his loan application with RTF, Inc., including loan number, loan amount, etc.

We do not offer privacy protection on RTF, and we reserve the right to sell and swap the lists we compile. Once again, this should not freak you out because, as you will see, we do not gather a whole lot of personal information on RTF. I guarantee you that the big on-line marketing firms - and even your own cable TV company - knows fifty times more about you than we will be able to glean from your use of RTF. In any case, hardly no one ever offers to buy or swap for our compiled lists.

Finally, you hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold Regency Trust Funding, Inc.; its officers; its directors; its employees; its agents; its related / affiliated companies and its marketing partners; harmless in connection with any claims or causes of action related to, or arising out of, fax broadcasts or any dispute between the borrower, mortgage broker and/or lender regarding application fees, commitment fees, third party reports, loan commitments and/or up-front fees of any kind.

While RTF works hard to screen out advance fee scammers, bad people - despite our hard efforts to police the system - still occasionally slip through. RTF, Inc. therefore makes no warranty as to the legitimacy or honesty of any commercial lender or mortgage broker using the RTF System. Therefore, please be sure to do your own due diligence, and please be sure to carefully read any term sheets, conditional commitment letters, and/or loan broker fee agreements to determine in advance under what circumstances you are entitled to a refund of any advance fees, good faith deposits and/or third party reports. If something smells fishy - such as a generous loan offer at a rate almost too good to be true - please contact us before sending in a large up-front fee.

Thank you for being a customer of RTF. If you need a commercial mortgage loan, after using our system for the first time, you are going to feel like you have stumbled into commercial mortgage loan heaven. As you will soon see, the RTF System is fabulous. Prepare to drool.

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